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Portugal is a country in the Iberian Peninsula. The main language being spoken is Portuguese. It only shares a land border with Spain and the rest is seaside. With 10.6 million inhabitants, Portugal stands at the 12th spot in EU’s most populous country list. In the 15-17th century Portugal created a very vast empire, ruling modern-day Brazil, Indonesia and parts of Africa. Now Portugal is a very friendly and welcoming country attractive to tourists from all around the world.

If you’re looking for new experiences, how about finding a Portuguese pen pal? Parcelabc will help you find the quickest and cheapest ways to deliver your pen-pal letters or parcels to anyplace in Portugal. Just fill in the quote on our website with the pick-up and delivery addresses, parcel’s weight and measurements to get accurate and exact figures on how much is it going to cost to send your parcel from the UK to Portugal.

If you want to avoid wasting tremendous amounts of time and energy trying to get your parcel into Portugal, the obvious choice is to trust a dependable company like Parcelabc. Fill out the quote with the required information about the parcel you want to send to Portugal, and we will show the necessary information about import charges (if they are applicable) and individual postage rates from many local and international companies.

You can then look at the quote to find out about the cheapest ways to transport your particular parcel(s) from the UK to Portugal. If you are in a hurry, choose an express delivery in order to make the packet reach Portugal a lot faster. We can guarantee that your parcel will reach its destination in the heart of Portugal quickly and without any damages. Simply select Parcelabc and you are going to get best quality delivery services from us.

Posting to Continental Europe from the UK can be done via airmail, ship or by road. The latter method has been introduced since the Channel Tunnel has been opened in 1994. This method is occasionally used to deliver smaller parcels, but sea and air postage are a lot more frequent in the case of Portugal since it is not very close to the United Kingdom.

Parcelabc is going to manage:

  • collection
  • shipping
  • postage
  • delivery

We will arrange all of these steps to be done in the most efficient way possible. By combining our extensive logistical capabilities with client’s preferences, Parcelabc is able to offer the quickest and cheapest postage to Portugal.

How to know what is the price and what the costs will be to send a parcel to Portugal?

There are no list of fixed prices for shipping to Portugal. Each parcel’s postage costs are calculated individually depending on the information you provide on the quote. Courier companies take the distance between the sender and the recipient, parcel’s dimensions and weight, shipping method into account so that they could give you a final rate.

What is the cheapest way to deliver my package to Portugal from the UK?

In truth, it depends on a lot of factors. But you can avoid lots of estimations and simply fill in the quote to see which company can offer you the best deal for cost-efficient shipment to Portugal. But you can also select a quicker shipping method which can be a bit more expensive or choose a company that you have worked with before, in the past. Found a cheaper offer elsewhere? Share it with us and we will match it!

Postage to Portugal from the UK: what can I send to Portugal in a parcel?

Portugal restricts live animal and animal skin import along with obscene or immoral publications, arms and etc. If you want to send something that you are not 100% sure about – contact us for more information. But since the UK and Portugal are both members of the European Union, many of the same import regulations apply. 


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